Amstel Engineering

Multidisciplinary Engineering Company in Amsterdam

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Amstel Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering company in Amsterdam specialising in end-to-end capability.

We deliver a one-stop solution, in-house as well as on the client’s premises. Our turnkey approach means that our client base is spread over many fields, including food, industrial automation, internal transport and special equipment.

We work with clients who play an essential role in society. Without clients such as Nedtrain there would be no trains. Without clients such as Esa Estec there would be no aerospace. We all encounter them on a daily basis, whether we want to or not. Because of their fundamental roles, high-quality, smart engineering is essential for these clients. And that is exactly what we do best. With all the passion we possess.


Engineering from automated internal transport to making tail sections for the aerospace industry

Working with engineers from the Neitraco Group is utilizing decades of experience in electromechanical and mechanical engineering, surveying, civil engineering and construction. Neitraco engineers support its customers at every stage, both on a project basis or throughout secondment.

Our clients

Building the future together with the companies of the future.

  • NedTrain
  • JBT
  • Eesa
  • JDE
  • ERU

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