The specialisms of our engineers.


Technology has many aspects and specific specialisations. Not all companies have the necessary specialised knowledge available in-house in order to solve particular technical problems. We are expert in the most diverse technical sectors, including aerospace, high-tech, automotive, food and automation. There is no technical problem that will defeat us. Ultimately, our clients will benefit from a company that runs efficiently and at full capacity.

Internal transport

Your parcel is delivered to the other side of the world within days. Or you check in your luggage at Schiphol Airport and on landing in New York several hours later, your suitcase is waiting for you. People's expectations are ever higher and our engineers respond by continually optimising the automation of internal transport. And that is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of engineering.

Machine building

From tooling to entire production lines. From food to agriculture. The customer is our source of inspiration; an all-inclusive solution is our aim.

Mechanical engineering

Each process or system containing a moving part is connected with mechanical engineering. From a switch or a small sensor to a satellite or entire production line.

Precision mechanics

The production of high-tech systems is dependent on the utmost accuracy. Extremely small dimensional tolerances and thermal and dynamic stability are of the essence. A minuscule deviation can have huge consequences. Our engineering company focuses on this process of precision mechanics with a fast-growing high tech industry.

Product analysis

We are able to predict the strength of a product in a very early stage. We do this by carrying out an FE analysis, multibody dynamics simulation or natural frequency calculation. We formulate reports using the prescribed standards and we have high-quality FEM software at our disposal, such as NX Nastran and Catia FEM modules. That is how it should be.

Production Mechanisation

We design and build production machinery and are able to take care of the engineering of entire production lines. Due to our activities on behalf of market leaders within the food, automotive and aerospace industries we completely understand the importance of precision. Sustainability and safety are the highest priority. The result is complete operational mechanisation.


Manufacturing a technical prototype is an important phase in developing a system or product. This enables the operation and implementation of products to be tested. The tests help to determine the spe...


Society is becoming increasingly digitized and automated. We have responded to this by making robotisation our core business. We have rapidly built expertise in this field. And it has borne fruit - we are now able to automate entire production lines efficiently and cost effectively.

System integration

Expanding or optimising an existing installation. Great precision is required to ensure that all partly completed machines connect seamlessly. This is how value is added to the whole. We carry out the entire process for our clients, from connecting to controlling. Ten part machines are made into one properly functioning whole. Complete and perfect.


We design and manufacture tools, which can serve different purposes. They could be tools for forming components using vacuum moulding or composites. Or they could be large clamping moulds for use in the automotive or aerospace industry. These are used in automated robot cells or manual assembly. We also make tools for forming components using press moulding. These are complex composite moulds with precision mechanical properties. Our aim? A worry-free, all-inclusive solution.

Turnkey production

In our book, a turnkey project is an all-inclusive, worry-free solution. Our engineering companies manage complete execution of the design up to and including final implementation. The client benefits from the following: • A dedicated contact: communication is swift and clear. • Time saving: our knowledge and expertise mean we can sort out everything for you in the areas of technology and regulations. • The optimal result within a predetermined budget. Turnkey projects are generally completed in-house, which is fast and efficient.