Precision mechanics

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Precision mechanics

Engineering at the highest level of precision.

The production of high-tech systems is dependent on the utmost accuracy. Extremely small dimensional tolerances and thermal and dynamic stability are of the essence. A minuscule deviation can have huge consequences. Our engineering company focuses on this process of precision mechanics with a fast-growing high tech industry.

Our engineering company is a leader in developing precision mechanics.

It will come as no surprise that we deploy this expertise all over the world for the benefit of leading companies in the high-tech industry. From semiconduction to aerospace, from IT to the medical sector.
Using our knowhow, we don’t just precision machine the smallest parts, but will actively contribute to the development of system designs. Success is only achieved when everything fits together, down to the final micrometre.


Commissioning and Testing
Concept engineering
Requirement document (PVE)
Project management
2D engineering
Design according to Machinery Directive
3D engineering
Certification, construction file (CE)
Sheet metal design
Process flow diagram (PFD)
Approval support (FAT en SAT)
Total cost analysis
Assembly tools & jigs
System integration
Tolerance analysis
Detail engineering
Preliminary study
Feasibility Study

Our Clients

Building the future together with the companies of the future.

  • VDL
  • Nutricia
  • Daf
  • ASML
  • Royal Leerdam (Glasfabriek Leerdam)

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