Road construction with all the necessary infrastructure

Road construction complete with all the necessary infrastructure.

Selection and recruitment for a complete network of road and highway systems.

Our experts contribute to the rich background in civil engineering in the Netherlands by providing their expertise to carry out subterranean projects as well as those on the surface. They provide the underpinning for each project.

Technical secondment

The specialists we provide make use of their expertise for the benefit of our clients.

We provide our customers with our highly-experienced employees, for short or long periods. Their knowledge, skill and flexibility contribute to making our clients’ projects a success. Safely and effectively. No drawbacks, only benefits.


What our engineers are specialised in.

Our clients

Building the future together with the companies of the future.

  • Audi
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Eurovia
  • Bosal
  • BNP Paris

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