About us

An engineering concern company with over 50 years of history.

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We are engineers

Engineers with passion for technology.

Working with engineers from the Neitraco Group is utilizing decades of experience in electromechanical and mechanical engineering, surveying, civil engineering and construction. Neitraco engineers support its customers at every stage, both on a project basis or throughout secondment.


The beginning of a long history.

It is 1961 and utilizing outsourcing within engineering is still unusual. Concerns focus on addressing engineering issues in-house using their own staff.
This carries a risk because engineering is not their core business. Neitraco responds to this situation by creating an engineering company. It is an immediate success and in no time at all the design office is full of engineers and draftsmen working at drawing boards.


From drawing to fabrication, a powerful combination.

It is the beginning of the integrated-solution. In 1971 the Famag Machine factory is established. Where Neitraco undertakes technical issues and Famag can take care of the manufacturing. This remains a very distinct and efficient combination today.


The Neitraco Group.

The industrial world is ready for this approach.
The Neitraco Group is now a fact.
With a passion for technology and a sense of entrepreneurship the Neitraco Group is now raised to a higher level. New businesses are created and existing companies are taken over. Brabant Engineering, Cematec Engineering, Amstel Engineering and Neitraco Induflex are the additional subsidiaries.
The group continues to grow and the bonding continues.
A truly integrated business.


The beginning of international engineering.

The Dutch market is too small for us, but we have expanding international ambitions. The Belgian subsidiary ToMach Engineering entered the Neitraco Group in 1996, not only bridging the Netherlands border, but increasing expertise and broadening focus.