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Recruitment and selection

Making the best match.

With our expertise in human resources, we concentrate particularly on recruitment and selection of talent for the most varied industrial companies worldwide. We strive every day to find the perfect profile: from electro-mechanical and electronic to civil engineering. Not only the experience and skills, but also the mentality and the corporate culture of our clients are parameters that we focus on, in order to achieve the best results.

The best expertise in the right place

With our comprehensive intake procedure, we find technical expertise that suits your business. We connect companies with professionals for contract or permanent positions for the completion of temporary and long-term projects.
We specifically match up the following functions:

  • Industrial and civil engineers (in the fieldsof mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and construction)
  • Designers and draftsmen.
  • Middle-management (e.g. foremen and site managers)
  • Independent experts to carry out specific tasks or projects
  • Interim Managers

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